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We're dedicated to open, honest, effective communication with patients, families, customers and co-workers and the highest levels of professional conduct. Our staff of highly trained specialists includes:

Physical Therapists

Our staff of physical therapists have been educated and trained to help restore or improve patients' physical function. They also have vast experience working with caregivers and training other healthcare workers in nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and home healthcare environments

Occupational Therapists

Our staff occupational therapists are specially trained to help people who need assistance improving or adapting
to physical, developmental, social or emotional difficulties. The work with patients, families and caregivers toward making each patient as independent as possible.

Speech/Language Pathologists

Our staff speech/language pathologists are specially trained to help people communicate to the best of their ability. They work with patients who have hearing difficulties, speech problems and swallowing disorders. They also teach caregivers to more effectively
communicate with patients.

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