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About Us

Everything we do is directed at empowering every patient and caregiver toward a faster, more effective recovery. That includes enlisting the help of home healthcare agencies, social workers and others. But we've also seen that the most valued support is the support you receive from your own friends, family and loved ones. And the most effective part of rehab is the part you do for yourself.

One of the most important parts of physical therapy is goal-setting. At Mission Rehab Services, we work closely with patients to establish realistic rehab goals.

We also do everything in our power to encourage patients to continue their treatment until its conclusion. Because the most effective part of rehab is often the part patients do for themselves.

One of the biggest differences between Mission Rehab Services and other physical, occupational or speech therapy services is our dedication to providing the most effective home healthcare  possible. We work with patients in their home to provide individualized therapy services.

​In addition to our customary hands-on care, we bring today's most state-of-the-art technology to home healthcare and assisted-living environments. And we educate workers to more effectively treat patients within those settings. Here are the ways patients can receive our care:

At home, At hospitals, ​At nursing homes, At assisted-living facilities.

At Mission Rehab Services, we believe in helping you maintain control over your recovery and achieve optimal health for years.

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